Record number of student enrollment at International University – 46% more than last year



Novi Pazar – The International University of Novi Pazar, held its second round of admission testing during the past few days. From year to year more and more students are interested in the study programs offered by the International University.

Professors pointed out that the students came very well prepared and armed with knowledge. President of the enrollment committee prof. Šemsudin Plojović, PhD, pointed out that 46% more students enrolled this year compared to the previous academic year. Prof. Plojović adds that he hopes after their four year study students will come to understand how much knowledge they’ve gained in relation to the day when they first stepped into this facility.

Dean of the Law Department, doc. PhD Aleksandar Ivanovic said that he hopes to continue the tradition of good personnel who have completed their studies at the International University.

All these years, the University has bravely resisted the winds that blew in from all sides. It did not back down. Through all the years of its existence, it has been and remains the sun of knowledge. 

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