Gazi Isa-beg Madrasa sees off 509th generation of high school graduates


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The Gazi Isa-beg Madrasa saw off the 509th generation of high school graduates. In the crowded circle of the Madrasa, 101 students from Novi Pazar, Rožaje, and  Preševo, in the presence of the highest representatives of the Islamic Community, led by the President of the Meshihat, Mufti Dr. Mevlud ef. Dudic, Vice President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, Academician Muamer Zukorlic, Sandzak Mufti and President of the Management Board of the Madrasa hfz. Abdurahmanom ef. Kujevic, Rector of IUNP prof. dr. Suad Becirovic, Dean of FIS dr. Enver Gicic, representatives of the SPP of Montenegro, Mufti of Novi Sad, Presevo, representatives of the Madrasa from Presevo, as well as professors, educators, parents, and friends.

The madrasa accompanies the future ulema, prestigious members of the community trained for all the challenges that await them in the future.

The Vice President of the National Assembly, Academician Muamer Zukorlic, pointed out that the gathering is reminiscent of some years not so long ago when we did not see each other here in a festive spirit, but when we defended the Islamic Community in another way.

– Today we are here to share the joy of raising the graduates of the Gazi Isa-beg Madrasa. I think I’ve been to every ceremony for the last 28 years. It is difficult to offer new messages, but the joy of this event causes additional inspiration. With all the successes so far and with everything that the Madrasa is in the entire Muslim corps in the Balkans, what should be its triumph is to reach the moment when the parents of Muslim families will enroll their children in the Madrasa. This is not the task of the Madrasa itself but of the entire Islamic Community from the tip to the parents. The second message is what should be the ideal of muderis and disciples. The madrasa in its restoration was a challenge as it was at the time. After 30 years we have no problem of Islamic-technical nature and today the mission needs to be formulated so that its role is to elevate the disciples, the best ones whose ambition will be the mission of the Holy Qur’an. The mission of the best should be to raise such graduates who will change this world. Only with such awareness can we justify what is a challenge, and everything beyond that is off the field, because only with great ambitions do we have a chance to do something.

Ensar Plojovic and Nedzla Zukorlic were honored as valedictorians and will receive commendations in Sarajevo from Reis-ul-ulema Husein ef. Kavazovic. Also, the best students of the Madrasa were awarded commendations by Mufti Mevlud ef. Dudic. The award of the director of the Madrasa was also awarded, and they were presented with commendations by Mufti Kujevic. The students who finished hifz in front of their muhafiza were also highly honored.




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