Dr. Ceric: Bosnia to offer shelter to all refugees from east



Sarajevo – For the occasion of the immigrant crisis in the Balkans and Europe, Reis-ul-Ulema emeritus. Mustafa Ceric, President of the World Bosniak Congress issued an appeal in which he says:

I can not take it anymore. This silence is starting to bother me. This not taking action approach is beginning to insult me. As a man and as a Bosnian who knows all too well what it means to be an outcast with a child in your arms and a bag in your hand. I’m beginning to wonder why Bosnia is behaving as if it is none it’s business? As if the immigrant crisis of the century doesn’t concern it? The Balkans are upset, from Greece to Macedonia to Serbia. All of Europe is on it’s feet. Slovakia says that they refuse to accept Muslims migrants. For Slovakia, the people who deserve help and attention are Christians.

And what is Bosnia doing? Sitting in silence and saying that they are monitoring the situation at hand. But it does not appear to have done anything, or taken care of any displaced person. In Bosnia not one voice of any non-governmental organization can be heard let alone showing the rest of us what needs to be done. Where are the humanitarian organizations? Why are they not engaging in a campaign to help the refugees? For what purpose do humanitarian organizations in Bosnia serve?

Therefore, I propose to Bosnia in the spirit of our tradition and in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the European countries, especially Germany, where most refugees are flocking – a suggestion that Bosnia provide a haven for all refugees from the East, regardless of religion and nationality whilst a permanent solution is being found.

Bosnia has free land to build temporary homes with the help of international humanitarian organizations. It is only necessary to have a heart. A heart is what Bosnia had when it received the Sephardic Jews.
Also, I invite all NGOs in the country, who have a heart and to not keep silent, but to speak out and get involved in the action to help refugees from the east.

In particular, I urge the NGO “Merhamet”, “Caritas”, “Benefactor”, “La Beneveolencia”, “Akos”, “REAL”, “Kawthar”, “Nahla”, “Fatma”, “Sumejja” – inviting them to, as soon as possible, meet and jointly develop a plan to help refugees from the East no matter where they come from and regardless of their religion and nationality.

I invite them to make a crisis staff for assistance in displaced persons.

In Bosnia, we must not be selfish.
We must be unselfish.
We must show that we are people with hearts and souls.
Otherwise, we’ll remain soulless and heartless.
We will become non-humans.

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