Discrimination on Serbian cultural scene



Novi Pazar – Alen Turković revealed that during his participation as a contestant on “Audicija” (Audition) the judges told him he couldn’t win.

“One member of the jury told me that with my accent and qirks I couldn’t win, because they are looking for things that are universal at the level of the state. They let it be known that if I want to win I have to “chide” and talk more culturally appropriate  – says the talented resident of Novi Pazar.

I said I didn’t want that, because I wasn’t going to sell out my homeland, or my way of speaking for the sake of winning the prize. I wish to get to the third or fourth round and give up willingly – states the determined Turkovic.

He says he didn’t sign up for “Audicija” in hopes of winning.

“I didn’t apply to be on “Audicija” because I want win, but because I want Belgrade and all of Serbia to realize that Novi Pazar is not a blunt city. I want to show that we are equal citizens of Serbia, and have our own worth. I want to destroy the prejudices that people outside of Sandzak hold against us “- concludes Novi Pazar stand-up comedian Turkovic.

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  1. This is an ordinary piece of anti-Serbian propaganda. Alen Turković appeared as a stand-up comedian in the aforementioned television show similar to “I’ve got talent”. All five judges gave him a “go” for the next round. To my suprise, because his jokes are good for an audience of 10 year olds, not for an audience of several million people.




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