Average salary in Belgrade 600 euros, 5% unemployment – Novi Pazar, average salary 280 euros, unemployment 60%



Sandzak, Serbia – Of the 174 municipalities in Serbia, residents of 149 municipalities earn less than the state average. This means that 85.6% of citizens are living on less than 44,583 dinars a month.

Official data of the Statistical Office in June of 2015 states that this is the average salary in Serbia, but all of four municipalities have an average close to that of the republic.
In 107 places in Serbia the earnings are between 30,000 to 40,000 pounds, while in 21 municipalities the average salary does not exceed 30,000 RSD.

Only in 25 municipalities citizens go home with salaries that are above average and they are the ones boosting the overall average. These are places where there are large factories and businesses that are doing well.

According to the last census, the unemployment rate in Serbia is much higher than in Belgrade. Comparing the data obtained from the “National Employment” in Belgrade 95,279 thousand people are unemployed, which compared to the total population is only 5.8 percent.

In Novi Pazar, the average salary is 34,000 RSD, in Tutin and Sjenica it’s 35,000, while Prijepolje and Priboj it comes to 32,000 and in N. Varos around 33 000 din.

The unemployment rate in Novi Pazar and in other cities throughout Sandzak is about 60%.

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