Academician Zukorlic: Provide halal program to Muslims at the Fair and equip COVID center in Pazar as soon as possible


Academician Muamer Zukorlic commented on the current situation in Novi Pazar regarding the COVID-19 virus pandemic, and ordered that a halal program be provided to Muslims sent to the hospital at the Belgrade Fair, as well as requesting that a COVID center be equipped in Novi Pazar as soon as possible.

“What worries me is the fact that management of the General Hospital in Novi Pazar, together with director Meho Mahmutovic, did not readily welcome this problem. We had statements that we were ready and now we’ve seen that we were not. Therefore, the management of that hospital was not equipped to receive this virus in Novi Pazar. This is a city with a population of 120,000 and, as in other cities such as Belgrade, Novi Sad or Nis, it was also necessary to equip large spaces here. We have a Pendik Hall, a sports center, and I wonder why these spaces have not been equipped for temporary hospital situations. Now we have a situation where people from Novi Pazar who are positive for corona virus testing are sent to the assembly center at the Belgrade Fair and we have specific problems. Concerning Muslims and more so Muslim women with special needs. Muslims need different food from the kind distributed at the assembly center. We are demanding that a halal program be provided for these people in Belgrade immediately. At the same time, we are also requesting that tomorrow we start with equipping the premises in Novi Pazar, as this can escalate into much larger numbers. The requirements for their Islamic needs, but also for prayer or salah, will be much easier met if we have the qualifications in Novi Pazar and not in Belgrade or elsewhere.”

The management of the hospital, as well as the crisis headquarters headed by the mayor, have not passed this exam so far, academician Zukorlic concludes.

“Their publicity was: only the mayor and none of the doctors. Why didn’t we have the voice of the profession? Were electrician speaking on this issue? – of course it was all in the intent of collecting cheap political points; then we have the mayor advertising that they are ready, gentlemen, what are you ready for is my question? You see for yourself that you are not ready. I don’t want to politicize this issue or attack too much, but I want to point out the mistakes. If you have been wrong so far, correct it. Start tomorrow by equipping sports halls and ensuring that we have the space if there is a need for such numbers. Two days after the declaration of emergency, The Justice and Reconciliation Party sent an official letter to the President and all those who needed it, seeking respirators because the city doesn’t have an adequate amount, and I’m glad we will get them. Already by tomorrow they should be on their way. Of course, I am not in favor of this being a political campaign, but in any case, thank you to the top state officials who responded to our request. Had God forbidden that we ever needed them, but as soon as it started, it wasn’t difficult to conclude that we would. ”  academic Muamer Zukorlic states.

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