Usame Zukorlic head of Justice and Reconciliation Party: Never more united in preserving Mufti's emanations


A session of the expanded composition of the Presidency of the SPP Party was held today in the premises of the Justice and Reconciliation Party.

At the session, as a single proposal and a unanimous decision for the acting President of the Justice and Reconciliation Party Usame Zukorlic, son of the late academician Muamer Zukorlić Mufti, was appointed.

After the session, the vice president of the SPP, Jahja Fehratovic, announced this decision of the Presidency, and the newly elected acting president addressed the audience, President Usame Zukorlic.

– In the name of God Almighty. I thank you for appointing me the Acting President of the Justice and Reconciliation Party. I wonder if today is as difficult for anyone in the Balkans and Europe as it is for us? In front of you is Usame Zukorlic, who is not the Mufti, but who is the first among equals and the guard of the Mufti's path. The Mufti has left behind us numerous endowments, institutions, and projects of which we often do not know the number. I want to address our members and sympathizers. Don’t worry the Mufti has left institutions and teams, people, he trusted and who are capable of leading them. I want to emphasize that we want a united Islamic community with a spiritual center in Sarajevo in the motherland of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We as a party have signed an agreement with the ruling party and I want to emphasize that as a party we will make sure that every member is respected and what our leader has left in his will to be implemented to the end. Not only Bosniaks cry for the Mufti, but members of the Serbian people also cry, and they miss him today. Sandzak is the crossroads of the Balkans and for that reason, we want to have good relations with all the peoples in the Balkans. We want the support of the Republic of Turkey. Bosniaks and Turks are brothers, for that reason they should help each other and be essentially next to each other. We want the support of Brussels and Washington because we are a small nation here. We want security and safety and we want our living space not to be crossed by borders and not to be restricted in development. We want our economy to grow freely. The Mufti endowed one great thing with his life, he gave his life for one very important thing that I want to underline and emphasize, and that is the unity of our people. That is why all of us who are listening to our voice at this moment, please extend our hands, here we are, arms outstretched and open to all people and to all those who look at us. Let’s hug and forgive everyone because this is a moment in time in which we all need to stand next to each other as we stood at the Mufti’s funeral. I believe he would love one thing, one emanation I want all of us together to accept and pass on to every man. Let's consider if there is one person in our life with whom we are not on good terms, let's go to that person, take their hand, hug them, forgive each other and bring them here to the Justice and Reconciliation Party where we will all fight for Mufti's dream, said Usame Zukorlic in his first address to the public from the position of president of the Justice and Reconciliation Party.


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