10. Juni 2015


Sandzak – At the formal session of the Bosniak Academy of Science and Art (BANU), on the fourth anniversary of its establishment, the opening of BANU Scientific Center in Novi Pazar took place.

The building of the Scientific Center with a capacity of 2,000 square meters, is located in the suburbs of Novi Pazar. After completion of the construction and equipment, it is now available as the first scientific institution of the Academy.

At this special meeting the first issue of the newspaper BANU Bulletin was introduced in which the members of the Academy presented their own copyrighted works.

During the working session BANU Assembly adopted a decision on the establishment of departments of the Academy and the decision to appoint the heads of such departments:


– Department of Bosnian Language and Literature: Hasnija Muratagic Tuna,


– Department of History: Smail Cekic,


– Department of Mathematics and Natural Science: Emin Sofic,


– Department of Cultural Studies: Mehmed Aksamija,


– Department of Islamic Reflection: Mustafa Ceric,


– Department of Political Reflection: Enver Halilovic.


Considering the state of the Bosniak nation, the Academy Assembly expressed its concern about the political position of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Bosniak people, and potentiated to the political leaders of the Bosniaks determination and responsibility in representing the people, in order to stop the further destruction of Bosniak national state interests.






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