One Orthodox Church implies one Islamic Community


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Author: Usame Zukorlic

Orthodox Christians in the territory of former Yugoslavia are organized under one Orthodox church with its headquarters in Belgrade. The organization is named after one ethnic group: the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Although 12% of Macedonian Orthodox Christians and 5% of Montenegrin Orthodox Christians live in that territory. Macedonians and Montenegrins have tried to form their own Orthodox churches, but have not received recognition from other Orthodox churches in the world, such as the Russian Orthodox Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church in Istanbul.

Personally, I do not interfere in the issue of the Orthodox Church and the way they are organized. It is their inner question. However, I very much interfere in the attitude of the same factors towards the Islamic community and the application of double standards and different standards.

Can you imagine the following scenario:

“Muslims in the territory of the former Yugoslavia are organized under one Islamic community based in Sarajevo. The name of that organization is the BOSNIAN ISLAMIC COMMUNITY.
Although a large percentage of Albanians live on that rhetoric, their establishment of a parallel Islamic community is not recognized by the Islamic communities in the world, especially Dianet in Istanbul and the Ministry of Waqf of Saudi Arabia. ”

Of course, this sounds like science fiction, because Muslims in the last century have become accustomed to the position of second-class citizens, disenfranchised and treated unequally in relation to others.

What do we actually have.

An Islamic community based in Sarajevo that seeks to bring Bosniaks together under one organization. Named after the country: Riyaset of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Which once operated on the territory of Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia and Sandzak.

With the splitting of the Islamic Community of Sandzak, the formation of the Islamic Community of Montenegro in 2006, the Islamic Community in Serbia was formed, which next year experienced organized aggression by politicians from Belgrade and Novi Pazar and formed a paraphernalia riyasat based in Belgrade.

The Islamic community in Montenegro has been recognized by all, self-destructively and by the Riyaset of BiH.
While the paraphernalia creation based in Belgrade was recognized by the Turkish Dijanet.
Why did I write this?

Well, simply, if we agree that we will not interfere in the work of the Serbian Orthodox Church and work on its destabilization and splitting of its organization, then we must agree that no one will interfere in the work of the Islamic Community and work on its destabilization and splitting of its ranks!

The paraphernalia with its headquarters in Belgrade needs to be abolished urgently.
Return the Islamic Community of Montenegro to the Riyaset of the Islamic Community in BiH.
Whoever of the influential Muslims or non-Muslims from the world or from the domestic field interferes with these processes – he works to the detriment of Muslims, supports injustice and inequality and will be remembered in history as such.

It is especially extremely scandalous when members of the Serbian Orthodox Church do not support that concept, cooperation and support the parallel structures of the Islamic Community.

Also, it is extremely undiplomatic that anyone from Ankara supports para-religious structures, which do not hold even 10% of mosques on the territory of the state of Serbia. So they do harm to themselves and to Muslims. That relationship needs to be reconsidered urgently. They give an argument to other structures in the world that want to form parallel organs to the Turkish Dianet.

As for Sarajevo, the fact that the political, national and religious factors experience greater stress over the events in Cetinje than over the events in Sandzak is one of the explanations why the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina is “on the machines.”

The Islamic community is the center of both the people and the state. By endangering it, the survival of the state and ultimately the people is endangered.

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