Mufti Zukorlic: Enemies of Bosnia and Serb-Bosniak dialogue stand behind attack in Zvornik



Sandzak – The attack on the police station in Zvornik is reprehensible and is a blow to people's lives, government institutions and international relations.

 “Killing an innocent person is like killing all of humanity.” Every Muslim is obliged to respect and follow this principle which is reflected in the attitude of Islam towards human life. Those who, in the name of Islam, shed blood by force do great evil to everyone, especially Muslims.

Despite all they've been through, Bosniaks have proven superior to vengeance and violence. Therefore, the Bosniak people can not stand behind such actions of irresponsible individuals who either do not understand the faith, or are being misused.

It is certain that this event can not be of use to Bosnia or Bosniaks. Therefore, the background of the bloody attack in Zvornik should be sought among those who aspire to split and destruct the Bosnian country. It is no coincidence that the bloody attack on the police station in Zvornik comes just days after the announcement of Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, that he is open for universal dialogue between the Serbian and Bosniak people.

I am convinced that this time the forces in Bosniak and Serbian people who believe in a coexistent  future and resolving problems through dialogue, will overcome those who would rather hold their grasp on a violent environment for the preservation of personal and narrow-minded political interests and privileges.


  Sandzak Mufti, Muamer ef. Zukorlic

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