Zukorlic: Fejzic fears for his job so he doesn’t know what he’s saying


muamer-zukorlic-1392424973-445517Sandzak – The Reis of the Islamic community in Montenegro Rifat effendi Fejzic is insecure and afraid for his position because otherwise I can not understand why in such a drastic and inappropriate way, someone who is at the head of a religious community, talks about other people, Mufti Muamer Zukorlic said in an interview with “Dan Sandzak” commenting on allegations from Fejzic calling Mufti’s actions fascistic, and directed towards the division of Muslims in Montenegro.

Zukorlić told Dan that he was surprised by the statements of Reis of the Islamic community in Montenegro, Rifat Fejzic, stating that in addition, he says, with all the hard work, he failed. “Such an amount of resentment from which they derive such harsh words.” Zukorić believes that Fejzić himself doesn’t believe those words.

“It’s not fitting for a believer to say about anyone, especially for Muslim brothers, such harch words, primarily representing insult. I can not understand how he has forgotten the first lesson from madrassa where those words are strictly forbidden. Although I do not understand the background, I’m sure he knows that’s not true, it was an obvious lapse of judgment in a moment of weakness, without provocation on my behalf. I think Rifat effendi Fejzić doesn’t need to resort to such qualifications, and I think all this is obviously about some of his insecurities in himself, in his position, because otherwise I can not understand why such a drastic and inappropriate way someone who is at the head of a community is talking about other people, “says Zukorlic.

Commenting on the statement by the Minister for Telecommunications and Trade in the government of Serbia Rasim Ljajic, Zukorlic said he understands his nervousness as well.

“Ljajic maintains his influence thanks to the levers of power, usually on the back or on the backs of their own people for 14 years. I understand his nervousness due to the fact that for 14 years that he has been minister, and that during this time did not supply any investor in Sandzak, nor provide one job position, except for those 300-400 employees from his family tree up in the local government where he has holding power. If you do not do your job as minister, as a politician  and do not execute your promises, and when after 14 years you have nothing more to offer, then even promises do not make sense, “said Zukorlic.

Zukorlic said that the relations between Montenegro and Serbia oscillated in the past, stating that their religious community’s interest is that they remain positive.

“Bosnian people only have damage from these negative relations between Serbia and Montenegro. As for the Islamic community in the two countries, obviously we have a dispute in Sandzak. We believe that there is no genuine reason for dispute regarding that space, except that we have that Balkan syndrome in our veins where when an individual gets their hands on one position they prefer to be emperor in his village, than the third man in a great community. I think that’s one of the reasons the handling of the  Islamic community in Montenegro has an inconsistent relationship in terms of the integration of the Islamic Community, based in Sarajevo, “he concluded.



SANA Agency

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