Pressure on Muslims in Montenegro from regime



Rozaje – Today the Basic Court of Rozaje, held a precedent. For the first time after communism, the congregation in the dock, are charged by “obstructing a religious ceremony”.

In fact, on Friday the 26 th of September this year, when  hfz. Abdurrahman ef. Kujević was suspended from the Islamic Community of Montenegro, a group of worshipers, after hearing of this, expressed their dissatisfaction and left the central mosque Sultan Murat II before the start of Friday prayer. Along with cries of “Takbir!” and the mantra “Hafiz is the pride of Sandzak and Rožaje” they left the Sultan Murat II mosque and carried out Friday prayer in the Kučanska mosque instead. Although many faithful worshipers, about a hundred, in protest left the mosque, an indictment was filed against only three, Arben Jakupi, Enes Fanje and Kemal Murić, those closest to hfz. Kujević.

The first hearing, which lasted more than four hours, was performed today. The first plaintiff was the Imam of the Central Mosque Redzep ef. Murić, whose claims didn’t match up, and in response to the objections of the accused he defended himself with silence. Witnesses also spoke in favor of the accused and said: “No one was bothered by it, nor did it interrupt Friday prayer”.

The citizens of  Rozaje are in bewilderment. They say everything is reminiscent of the nineties, when the government treated faithful worshipers in the same way. They only sing words of praise for hfz. Kujević and the defendants, and for the current situation in the Islamic Community they blame Reis Fejzić, which, we point out, negotiated an agreement with the Government of Montenegro, where in art. 6 it states that the Islamic community is obligated to confidentially inform the Government on any candidate who is elected for Reis.


The next hearing is scheduled for December 26 this year. Judging by the statements of witnesses, the lawyer of the accused Velia Murić hopes rejection of the Indictment.

We will follow the further course of this affair.



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