Bosniak National Council established



Novi Pazar – On November 17, 2014, the inaugural session of the Bosniak National Council was held.

The session was chaired by the oldest councillor Mevljuda Melajac.

The session was attended by 16 councillors from the party “For Bosniaks, Sandzak and Mufti” and 19 councillors from the ‘For Bosniak unity’ party. By majority vote the decision was made to hold the first regular session today at 11am. Of the thirty-five future councillors, eleven are women and twenty-four men.

Sulejman Ugljanin was elected for president of the Bosniak National Council by majority vote although all 16 representatives of the list “For Bosniaks, Sandzak and Mufti” were opposed.

Congratulating Ugljanin on winning the election for president of BNC, head of the party “For Bosniaks, Sandzak and Mufti” Dr. Jahja Fehratovic said that the party would be a constructive opposition in that body. Dr. Fehratović, while discussing the agenda, pointed out the numerous irregularities in the Statute and the Rules of BNC. Ugljanin admitted that there were a series of mistakes in the convening process of the BNC, as well as in the Statute and Rules of Procedure.

Fehratovic also pointed out that he and his councillors decided on a cooperative opposition, even though this time the results showed that we have a stain on the legitimacy and legality of the National Council. Differences aside, Fehratovic considers this day an important and historical one and certainly their satisfaction will be justified in court regardless of the fact that together with his councillors he attended the founding meeting.

He recalls that he had filed more than 80 criminal charges against all participants in voter fraud in Tutin.

“Yes Bosniaks would not have experienced what we have experienced as a list 4 years ago, and that is that councillors who had won today didn’t make their appearance at the founding meeting and so Bosniaks lost four years of chances to repair and improve their rights in Serbia, this is where we have come today” stated Dr. Fehratovic.

When asked by a journalists whether he will participate in the management, if he is offered, Dr. Fehratović replied that there are two conditions that must be met in order for normalization of relations within the Council, and they are: Ugljanin and his party must renounce the duplicated Islamic Community and its leader Adam Zilkić and to completely clarify what happened in the Tutin elections.



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