Zukorlic to diaspora – The party is stable and never stronger!


A “Diaspora Meeting” was held in the premises of theJustice and Reconciliation Party in Novi Pazar. Bosniaks from almost all Western European countries gathered once again, reaffirming their support for the path of truth and justice outlined by the late academic mufti Muamer Zukorlic.

At the very beginning, the fatiha for the soul of the late Mufti Muamer Zukorlic was recited.

Opening the gathering, the President of the Justice and Reconciliation Party, Usame Zukorlic, thanked the representatives of the Sandzak diaspora who, as the late Mufti said, were the greatest support for his path and activities. Everything that was learned from the late Mufti is now the time, says Zukorlić, to be implemented.

“During this period, you were the last of the Mufti's work, and it coincides with the period of my life, you were the greatest support of his work, so I am especially excited and happy to be here with you today. You know, there are very good speakers in our party, smart people, with more experience, but the reason I was elected head of the party is that they felt and knew who will keep the emanation of the late Mufti's path and who is last on the list of those who will turn away. that time. I will tell you one thing – the late Mufti exposed his chest to hit everything that falls on the Bosniak people. Do not think that Usama will not bust his chest to protect the Bosniak people. We were educated in Mufti's school, and now is the right time to show what we have learned. I wanted us not to talk derogatorily about anyone at this point, rather to speak in a positive manner about things. It is very important that we now dominate and approach people by making room for each other. You know, never halflings, never primitives, always partners. In that spirit, we will continue our conversations with everyone. There is no justice without reconciliation. There is no justice in unrest, nor is there reconciliation without removing injustice. We will continue with the “i-i” policy. It is the path that the Mufti charted and traced. We will continue on that path. Many wished for the disintegration of the foreign system during this period. Know, brothers and sisters, the Party is stable, never stronger and everything is in place. The late Mufti endowed his life and raised us to high levels. We have to maintain that now, “said Usame Zukorlic.




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