MUFTI’S BEQUEST in Belgrade – The SPP is on the defensive of peace and stability in the entire Balkans


A meeting of the City Board was organized in the premises of the Justice and Reconciliation Party in Belgrade, which was attended by the President of the  Justice and Reconciliation Party, Usame Zukorlić.

The holder of the list “Mufti’s bequest – Justice and Reconciliation Party – Usame Zukorlic” said that

“You know what the Mufti did for this city and for this country. You remember what the atmosphere in Belgrade looked like before his time in the Assembly, and what it all looks like today. We taste the fruits of the policy of justice and reconciliation founded by the late academic mufti Muamer Zukorlić. To start from us from Sandzak, believe me, 15 years ago we did not care to come to Belgrade, we did not feel safe on Knez Mihajlova. From that ambience, we came to the ambience that I walk around Knez Mihajlov only a month since the death of our leader, and that people stop me, express their condolences and even some say that they will vote for us. Someone contributed to that. Belgrade needs that ambience, will someone else bring that ambience to Belgrade, if we do not continue that and if we do not unwaveringly follow the path that our leader has trodden. We want to expand the policy of justice and reconciliation, you are just a seed sown in Belgrade, you are not even 1% of our potential forces, there are many people in Belgrade who are waiting for you, who are waiting for us, who are waiting to see that there is a serious critical mass of people here who inherit serious politics and to whom they can safely join. That is our responsibility and that is the Mufti’s bequest. We will strive for members of all national communities to have their places in institutions, both city and municipal, as well as in public companies and all state institutions. We want to continue such an environment that you, regardless of your name, be you Muslims, Orthodox, atheists, Bosniaks or Serbs who inherit justice and reconciliation, be Roma or members of any religion and nation, that you have your place in this city because this is your city ​​and you have the same rights as the majority people in this state. In order to be able to do that on the ground, we need your support. ”

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