How many mosques are there in Novi Pazar?


Visiting Novi Pazar with the Daily Central organized by the SDP government of Rasim Ljajic, Senad Hadzifejzovic pointed out that for days he had not been able to get information from the organizers about how many mosques there are in Novi Pazar. 

The SANA agency unofficially received data from the Islamic Community in Serbia on the number of mosques. There are exactly 66 mosques in Novi Pazar, of which 52 mosques are in the system of the Islamic Community in Serbia – Rijaset IZuBiH.

These are: Altun Alem Mosque, Arab Mosque, Korac Mosque, Lejlek Mosque, Melay Mosque, Sinan Bey Mosque, Svojborska Mosque, Hajrudin Paric Mosque, Hadzi Kadina Mosque, Vrazegrnci Mosque, Chalap Verdiha Mosque Kolerina Mosque, Mosque in Banja, Mosque Pobrdje, two mosques in Selakovac, Hanefi Mosque Lug, Mosque Barakovce, Paralovo Mosque, Mosque Dohoviće, Mosque Raičinoviće, Mosque in Ivanca, Hadzi Mehova mosque, Elme mosque, Sutenovacka Dzinan, Islamic Center GAZILAR, Hadzi Sucova and Hadzi Emirina Mosque, Berat Mosque, Hadzet Niksic Mosque, Ferhadija Mosque, Mosque in Gornji Sutenovac, Hadzi Semsova Mosque in Osoj, Mosque Pljevljani, New Mosque Brdjani, Dzurji, Nur Crnoca Mosque, Zaguljaca Mosque, Lukarsko Gosevo Mosque, Krusevo Mosque, Mosque near Kursevac Bridge, Kozlje Mosque, Ceremidžinica Mosque, Varevo Mosque, Nova Miradz Trnava, Mursko brdo Mosque, Roginje Mosque and Banovica Mosque.

The Shehid Abduaziz Mosque in Mur was seized from the sole Islamic Community by the SDA of Sandzak Sulejman Ugljanin in 1999 and declared an “independent” mosque.

In 2007, the SDA of Sandzak ripped 10 mosques from the sole Islamic Community and annexed them to the paramilitary group of the Jusufspahic family based in Belgrade, of which are the Bor mosque, Palanka in Bukres, Stanbol mosque, Hadzi Sefkova, Jusuf Potok, mosque in Gornja Bajevica, the Mosque in Pozega, the Mosque in Cvijetnje and the mosque in Boturovina. At that time, 20 free mosques remained in the Islamic Community system. In the meantime, the Islamic Community has built 31 more mosques, while the para-religious establishment and the SDA have not built any.

Mosques on the territory of the city of Novi Pazar – red: Occupied Mosques

The attack on the Islamic Community also caused the fall of the SDA Sandzak from power in Novi Pazar, which was used by Rasim Ljajic, who was then actively supporting the Islamic Community.

Mosques in the city – black: demolished mosques during communism

In the period from 2010, Rasim Ljajić’s SDP actively worked to form an Islamic community in the image of Sulejman Ugljanin. They encouraged the Islamic Community to secede from the mosques in Sebecevo (Hodja Selmo Duljevic), Bijele Vode and Buca under the control of Hodja Zijad Ademovic, and that the newly built Miradz mosque in Mahala by the Suntic brothers not be registered as an Islamic community. So, zakat and sadaqatul fitr are privately collected by the mentioned persons, supported by SDP’s Rasim Ljajic. A similar attempt was made in the past with the mosques in Pobrdje, Varevo and Barakovac, but by the action of honorable people, the plan of the SDP authorities was thwarted and the mosques were registered as part of the legal and only legitimate Islamic community.


Islamic Community in Serbia – Riyaset BiH 52 mosques
Illegal religious formation  – SDA Sandžaka 10 mosque
Independent (para) mosques – SDP government in Pazar 4 mosques
A TOTAL of 66 mosques


To the list 4 more mosques should be added that were demolished during communism, for which the Islamic Community is conducting a restitution process:

Ejub Bey Mosque near the House of Culture
Kolo mosque on the site of the City Heating Plant
Sophie Memi Mosque in Parice and
Devlet hatun mosque near the prison

The Islamic Community in Serbia plans to build the largest Islamic center in Europe on the plot of the hospital meadows that belongs to the endowment of Musala.

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