8. Septembar 2014

Serbia, Novi Pazar- Chetnik movement commander Bratislav Živković who spent two months in Novorusija commanding Slavjanic detachment “John Sevic”, currently resides in Moscow preparing to soon come to Serbia.

When being asked: “Do you fear returning to Serbia and do you expect the BIA (Safety Information Agency) to bring you in?” he replied:

“I do not fear returning to Serbia. Nobody can drive me out of my fatherland, at least not alive. I’m still completing some business here in Russia with the Cossacks about the help for Lugansk, that I’m overseeing, I should be on my way in a few days. Utimately us Chetniks have business to attend to in Serbia as well. It seems to me since we (Chetniks) have left everyone has gone wild. In Novi Pazar they are walking around in Handzar Division uniforms. Let’s see how the Serbian NATO government reacts when Chetniks parade around Novi Pazar. Secondly, mental patients (Lesbian and Gay Rights Movement activists) would also like to walk the streets of Belgrade once more.”

“When I return you’ll burn all the way to Constantinople (Istanbul)!”

Bratislav Živković, Chetnik movement commander, was also very vocal on his thoughts of Sandzak Mufti Muamer Zukorlic. He posted on his Facebook profile a threat regarding Mufti Zukorlic which reads: “When I return you’ll burn all the way to Constantinople (Istanbul)!” – in response to the mounted title that was released by a site called “srbinaokup.info” which reads: “Zukorlic: If I wanted, Serbia would burn up Cacak!”


It is true that Mufti Zukorlić has said that during wars Sandzak was gas bottle that, if caught on fire, would burn to Cacak, as a warning to the authorities in Belgrade to stop discrimination towards Sandzak, to prevent that kind of environment from forming again.

Commander of the Chetnik movement Bratislav Zivkovic earlier announced that he wants his Chetnik detachment to “parade through Novi Pazar and not even the Government of Serbia can prevent it.”

We remind you that the Chetniks of the Ukrainian battlefield are returning and that police are not bringing them in, despite pledges to sanction extends to participants on foreign battlefields.



SANA Agency


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