Finally good news from Europe, Islam recognized in Luxembourg



Luxembourg – Luxembourg Parliament has just given the green light to change the Constitution and also to sign the new Convention with religious communities. This Convention is particularly important for the Muslims of Luxembourg.

For the first time in the history of Luxembourg the Muslim community is participating in the context of the signing of this type of agreement. The representative body of Muslims – Shura (shouri), its long-term commitment and dedication has managed to obtain that finally Islam, the faith which holds second place in the Grand Duchy by the number of its followers, will be recognized by the state of institutions.

The new adopted Convention brings quite a number of benefits for the Muslims of Luxembourg. Many are of the opinion that the primary one is of a financial nature. The text of the Convention provides that the state budget annually allocates € 450,000 for the needs of the functioning Jamaat gathered in Shuri. Also, the new law provides an opportunity for the Muslim community ie. Shuri establishing waqf institutions that will work on the principle of the Foundation, whose importance transcends into more than just financial support. Now Muslims of Luxembourg who want to endow property or donate money to the needs of the Muslim community, will be exempt from paying the tax amount of the value of their donation.

In the coming period, we can also expect the appointment of Muftis of Luxembourg.

Editorial portal IDENTITET.LU congratulates Shura President Sabahudin Selimovic on the achieved success, as well as all other members of the Shura Council, and the entire Muslim community in Luxembourg.

In the days ahead, we will try to publish a more detailed analysis, through which we want to present to our readers a better insight into the whole process of recognition of Islam in Luxembourg.


SANA Agency

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