Why does Hague remain indifferent to the crimes in Sandzak?


The persecution of Croats in the village of Hrtkovci was prosecuted by the ICTY for war crimes, while the mass crimes against Bosniaks of Sandzak, weren’t of any interest for the international justice divisor.

The Hague Tribunal in this way has completely taken the side of Serbia, when it comes to covering up crimes committed against Bosniaks.

The mass crimes in the cases of Kukurovići, Sjeverin and Strpce, even today after more than 22 years, have not been prosecuted. Serbian courts and the Special Prosecutor’s Office for War Crimes, thanks to the Hague Tribunal have received wide room for maneuvering all crimes for which the State is responsible, were attributed to the paramilitaries.

In the case of the Scorpions trial and in the case of the trial for the crime of abduction in Sjeverin, courts have rejected all evidence which in any way is accociated with the crimes, and the Army of Yugoslavia and Serbia and Montenegro. In the case of the abduction in Sjeverin and Strpce, the state defends the fact that these crimes were committed in the territory of another state and were committed by a paramilitary group, and by analogy the state does not bear any responsibility.

In leaving all the mass crimes in Priboj to oblivion, the Bosniak politics of Sandzak are of great help in this area, by orchestrating staying silent about crimes or hypocritically talking about state terror publically in Belgrade while through his spokesman, denying any terror and crimes publicly in Priboj.

It is in the country’s bigger interest, and practice and time has shown, what is being said about the crime at the source of the event, because the Supreme Court has declared the state responsible for the crime in Kukurovici, where the Yugoslavian Army, with the use of mortars and bazookas burned the village and three Bosniaks were killed. Three more Bosniaks in three different cases were killed by the army in Sjeverin.

These are crimes that occurred on the territory of Serbia, while the crimes of another 36 Bosniak citizens of Priboj, and southern Sandzak were committed on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Special Prosecution for War Crimes began an investigation of these crimes, but the investigation is at a standstill , because leadership is aggressively campaigning against prosecution, particularly against Bruno Vekaric and Jasna Sarcevic Jankovic, which is why there is a fear that the investigation of crimes in Priboj, will be placed ad-act. If this happens, the case will be in sync with the statement of the High Bosniak officials in Priboj, stating that crimes on the territory of the municipality of Priboj never even happened.

For crimes of abduction and execution of Bosniaks from a bus in Sjeverin and train in Strpci, the charged is a paramilitary group and it was left to the Islamic Community in Serbia to mark the dates of the crimes, otherwise in their public disclosures, they are guilty of crimes as a paramilitary group, meaning the country has amnesty of any liability.

The Islamic Community has support of the Muslim policies bound in the Sandzak node, and in this way the skin of the displaced Bosniaks and victims’ families, crucifies the drum which is pounded by Hague, Belgrade, Novi Pazar and local authorities in Priboj.

In these circumstances the victims of state terror have no chance of receiving any justification or satisfaction. The victims await justice in order to have peace. Without injustice peace cannot exist.


Diwan magazine

Author: Džemail Halilagić

Prijevod: SANA Agency

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