Tutin – Prayer recited on occasion of the start of work on expansion of Central Mosque


2015-04-25 18_07_01-Zaim Redzepovic

Tutin – The central mosque in Tutin has become too small to receive all of its regular visitors, for this reason, the congregation led by the imam of the mosque decided on enlargement, for khayr (good fortune) in the upcoming reconstruction work a collective du’a was made along with Friday prayer.

The imam recalled that when the mosque was built in the 70s, people had said that there wouldn’t be anyone who would pray in it, and today it has become too small for the all worshipers who regularly visit five times a day.

At this khayr meeting, the envoy of the Meshihat of Serbia was director of Madrasa Gazi Isa-beg, Resad ef. Plojovic, who said that the Bosniaks fear of derelict mosques in the 90s was justified.

“Sharing in the path of God is a way to protect ourselves from different troubles and adversity,” said effendi Plojevic, adding that this is an opportunity for those who want good deeds that will be beneficial to them even after their death.

After Friday prayer in the presence of our Muslim believers, hafiz Abdurrahman ef. Kujevic recited a du’a for a khayr start of the reconstruction of the Central mosque in Tutin.

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