9. Septembar 2014

Northern Sandzak – The president of the Islamic Community in Serbia, Mufti Dr. Mevlud effendi Dudic together with his associates, on September 9, 2014., received a delegation from the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Belgrade led by ambassador Mehmed Kemal Bozaj.

Mufti Dudic wished his guest a warm welcome and noted that the Turkish diplomat can consider the Meshihat (Islamic Community of Sandzak) his home, as well as thanking him for the efforts invested in the approximation of the Republic of Turkey and the Sandzak Bosniaks.

Ambassador Bozaj was especially interested in the announced elections for the Bosniak National Council expressing hope that Bosniaks appear on a single committee to form the Council and obtain the rights they are guaranteed by the institution.

Meshihat’s President Dudic confirmed that the unity of Muslims is a precondition for overcoming many problems but with a consensus on three principles: the religion of Islam, the Bosniak nation and the Bosniak Sandzak region. He also expressed concern for the current authorities in Belgrade to not repeat the mistake of the former regime four years ago when they revoked the electoral will of voters and introduced special rules for Bosniaks.

After the meeting, the guests and host visited Gazi Isa-begov hamam (Gazi Issa-bey’s Hammam) in the city center as well as the Stara novopazarska banja (Old Novi Pazar Spa), to continue discussions at a lunch meeting in the restaurant Gaziya.


SANA Agency

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