18. Februar 2015


Novi Pazar – Forced to seek refuge and serenity due to a turbulent and difficult life, she found it in accepting Islam.

Born in Smederevo as Snezana Nikolic, today she proudly bears the name of Paradise women, Hurija. A young but strong personality, at age 16, has returned to Islam.

Without fear she openly talks about her life during the show “Zenski Muhabet” (Women Chat), and vividly remembers every detail. She was looking for answers to what the purpose of life on earth is, who God is and how Jesus could be God if he was human? She found all the answers in Islam. She recalls all the beauty of Islam she had begun noticing before she pronounced the Shahadah.

Fasting Ramadan even before she became a Muslim, “I felt powerful in times of fasting,” says Hurija.

She learned the Shahadah through playing with her friends, and later after primary school, with great love and curiosity she learned other duas. Her mother accepted her coversion to Islam, but did not accept Hurija wearing the hijab or Islamic veil.

Her Shahadah was spoken in Altun Alem Mosque in front of Hafiz Irfan ef. Malic, and shortly after, she fulfilled her religion by dawning the hijab, despite opposition from her mother.

The rest of her family has disowned her, as Hurija herself tells us, they told her that she destroyed the monastery and that it she was an embarrassment to their family.

Although she now lives alone in a rented apartment, she has not given up, the power faith and love for Islam gives her strength to stand tall and be an example to young people.

Her message during the show is addressed to parents who forbid their daughters to wear the hijab. “Wearing the hijab is not a nuisance it is protection, which enhances the relationship between people and brings them closer together,” – says the persistent and brave Hurija Nikolic.

Don’t miss out on watching this special episode. I hope that people learn many lessons from her heartfelt life story.

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