28. Maj 2015


Sandzak – Following the initiative of BDZ in Petnjica, for the opening of the border crossing Đerekare-Kruščica convoy representatives BDZ in Montenegro Petnjica, over Lagatora and Savinbor, on one hand and BDZ Sandzak who are from Tutin, over Ljeskove and Djerekare , coming from the other side, they met in Hanište where the border of Serbia and Montenegro lies.


At 11:55 a.m. on 21/05/2015, at said site a performance of the setting of the flags of Serbia, Montenegro, the European Union and Sandzak took place, demonstrating the need the citizens of Sandžak had for the opening of the border crossing.


Attendees were addressed by Jahya Fehratović PhD, BDZ Sandzak President and Almir Muratovic President of BDZ Petnjica.

On this day in Montenegro a referendum of independence was held when, then president, Djukanovic promised a “loose” border for residents of Sandzak and the smooth transition of people and goods, said Muratovic.


Fehratović told the ministers and members of parliament and the government of Serbia and Montenegro to take a stand on this path and thus show their interest for the state of Bosniaks.


Many Serbian and Montenegrin police officers were present but they did not want to make any claims. They also did not prevent citizens to carry out their performance.





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