“Preserve our country” event held in Vienna



Austria- In organization of the Sandzak Bosniak Diaspora Community and the Bosniak National Foundation, on September, 6, 2014., beginning at 7 p.m., an event was held under the title “Preserve our country”.

The event was made even more special with the presence of reisul ulema emeritus Dr. Mustafa Cerić, sandzak mufti Muamer Zukorlić, Bosniak National Foundation president Hako Duljević, Sandzak Diaspora Community president Mithat effendi Mujović, as well as many significant people from the diaspora and Sandzak. The festivity was started off by Mesud effendi Zukorlić reciting a passage from the Holy Quran, followed by the nasheed, or Islamic spiritual song performer Hamza Škrijelj who sang the „Qasida of Hadzet“ or  „Song of Hadzet“.

„As long as you resist the rust that is trying to overcome us, you're still alive. The moment you stop trying to resist it, it has killed you“, said Hako Duljević a first in a series of inspirational speeches of the night. After that the meeting was greeted and welcomed by the host of the night Mithat effendi Mujović, president of the Sandzak Diaspora Community. Youth Choir “Revival” with its wonderful performance of Islamic spiritual songs made the right prelude to the thunderous applause that accompanied a speech by Sandzak mufti, Muamer efffendi Zukorlić.

“The country in which you live in at first glance is good to you. You've managed to experience democracy, and earn ten times more than what you would earn in Bosnia or Sandzak, but know that what you have is land as a territory,  you do not have a home, because a home is more than just the territory of a country. And the longer you stay here, instead of slowly forgetting Bosnia and Sandzak, you are more likely to remember your childhood and the smell of your mother's bread and those memories of the water and air that you had back at home and the horizon that you watched every morning when you would get up, the older you get, the more you miss it” were some of the inspirational words spoken by mufti Zukorlić.

A thunderous applause followed the calling of reisul ulema emiritus Dr. Mustafa Cerić to greet the gathering. A wonderful atmosphere in the enormous room of Siemens company which was completely filled to its capacity. The smiles and satisfaction were more than enough to show the impressions the night had left on everyone. Proving once again that Bosnia and Sandzak are the heart of Bosniakhood, and the diaspora is its body.

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