12. Juni 2015


Sandzak – On Monday night’s edition of “Teška Riječ” (Harsh Word) on Pink television the guests were Sandzak Mufti, Muamer ef. Zukorlic, Faculty of Security professor Zoran Dragisic and political commentator Miroslav Lazanjski.

The guests spoke on the subject of all the more frequent embarkations to Syria and Iraq, and the threats that come from those who have gone to the fight at front line.

Mufti, at the very beginning, explained the process of persuasion by the so-called “mentors” into having the young men think that what they are doing is right. “There are always two sides, on one hand those who serve to convince, educate and recruit while on the other side there lies soil that proves to be fertile or not, because they persuades groups of people, but not all accept” says Mufti Zukorlic.

Mufti added that injustice makes an ideal material for recruitment, because the division of the Islamic community 8 years ago resulted in cracks within which originated various uncontrolled weeds.

“I had said that the splitting of the Islamic Community would cost this country, you cannot demolish the only vertical spirituality of Muslims because ‘Mufti has slightly increased in popularity so now let’s take him down’. Now in these cracks various weeds have grown out of control”.

Mufti pointed out that almost no extremism, and especially fanaticism is found in young people who grow up in distinctly Islamic families. Extremists and fanatics tend to be kids who have some form of frustration, said Mufti.

Sandzak Mufti Muamer ef. Zukorlić also pointed to the danger of establishing private religious organizations that serve politicians and their interests.

“Local politicians from both political parties coquette with NGOs alleged religious organizations when they need to deal with the Mufti, even stir up work with such organizations through the provision of media space and in many other ways,” said Mufti Zukorlic.

At the very end of the show Mufti sent a clear and unequivocal message, that he does not feel responsible for any misuse of religion as long as the country does not allow him an equal chance alongside the Serbian Orthodox Church and other churches and religious communities.


“Let’s all do our job, the country towards us, and we towards the country. That’s my offer,” ends Mufti.

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