23. Septembar 2014

Northern Sandzak – Mufti Zukorlic stressed that the whole event passed without any incidents, but it’s being abused and manipulated.

We recall that supporters of Mufti Muamer Zukorlic organized a march on September, 4 and went to Hadzet, the site where 70 years ago the shooting of Bosniaks occurred. The head of the procession was led by boys in green uniforms with fezzes (hats) on their heads. The public began to speculate about the uniforms resembling those which were worn during the Second World War by militia ACIF-Effendi, wartime commander of Novi Pazar. The State has not acted on this occasion, and the Minister Gasic has said that there are no increased threats to safety.

Zukorlic said that the campaign for Hadzet has been going on for four years, but only this time as he said “the cultural and commemorative events”, came to attention.

He added that the media are abusing and manipulating the event and this is why they have spread panic and lies. He commented on the statement of Meho Omerović and said that Omerovic inflames the panic and that his mind is concentrated more on the kind of hat worn than the 2,000 Muslims that were killed.

“Everyone can wear whatever hat or shirt they please”, said Mufti. “The event organizer had chosen it to be that way, for part of the event to hold that detail”, he said there are  “Bosniak hats, and not just Bosniak – fez, and green shirts, and there is nothing militant about it”. “They even wore dress shoes”, he said. Mufti said that it was only one performance, which passed without a single incident. It was a commemorative performance that took place midday in the town square, officially registered, everything went without any incidents and this is factography, the rest is abuse.”

“Present me an argument, it doesn’t exist. What does exist is evidence that this is used as an attack on me”, said Mufti Zukorlic. “I have been the Mufti for 21 years. Everything from their vocabulary can be classified as child play … I do not want to kneel to those who are just hostages of their own interests and the interest of their own survival. To them Tadic is the best when he’s Tadic, Milosevic when he’s Milosevic, Nikolic when he’s Nikolic, Djindjic when he’s Djindjic … I have my own moral values ​​and stay by them”, says Mufti.



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