24. Novembar 2015

Srbija, Sandžak, Novi Pazar, Sigurnost, Evropska komisija

Novi Pazar – Sandzak, in the European Commission for 2015, was assessed as the most stable territory in relation to the region and to the previous years, this encouraging information was presented in Novi Pazar, at the “Sandzak – safety at a crossroad” panel.

At the gathering, organized by the OSCE Mission in Serbia and local radio Stoplus, president of the Center for Foreign Policy from Belgrade Aleksandra Joksimovic, referring to the current developments in the world regarding terrorist attacks, said that “the question of so-called radical [interpretation] of Islam in Sandzak exists, but in a much more minuscule and almost negligible form in relation to some other issues,” says Anatolia news.

As she said, it is important to work on tolerance towards Muslims and that the issue of terrorism is not a question of religion, but of individuals.

Serbia does not support a referendum in RS

“Serbia does not support the announced referendum [BH. Entity] of the Republic of Serbia, actually  it supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Dayton Agreement. This is an important messgae to the region of Sandzak, “concluded Aleksandra Joksimovic.

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