Routes running through Sandzak are nightmares for residents



A usual route running through the Sandzak region consists of potholes, stomach-wrenching curves, bumps and gaping meteor sized patches tearing through the asphalt. These conditions have become a serious problem and hazard for the residents of this region.

The collective route consisting of almost 33 km, is one used frequently as it connects two major Sandzak cities, the city of Tutin and the city of Novi Pazar, is indoubtly in horrible condition. Landslides have occurred several times due to extensive rain, and the result of this are the gaping holes left in the roads which, for time being are rehabilitated, but it is not nearly enough of a repair for a major state road that connects the two cities.

Therefore, the city of Tutin suffers immense losses because investors won’t even think about investing their money when they see the path that leads to the city. As it was, we decided to investigate how much money is needed to reconstruct the whole route. The General Director of AD Novi Pazar, Škrijelj Ibrahim explains why the road is still in such bad shape.

For the reconstruction of this road a large sum of money is needed, states Ibrahim.

“It’s a sum so large not one local community could afford it”.

We sought out more information from Tutin. Municipal councilor Tajip Đondić says:

“The expectations of the passengers for a new road with asphalt are pessimistic,, they are aware of the situation in the country they live in. When and if we will ever reach that goal in the near future is impossible to know”.

With little hope of a better future for travel and transport, Sandzak residents are forced to put up with these horrid conditions.

SANA Agency

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