Quiet protest for Prophet Muhammed held in Novi Pazar



Novi Pazar – Weekly magazine Charlie Hedbo shook the world with its publication of caricatures of Prophet Muhammed, p.b.u.h. Worldwide protests were organized, and today, on January 23, 2015, a protest walk was held in Novi Pazar.

On the town square of Gazi Isa-beg Ishaković thousands of believers gathered for their presence showed their love for the Prophet, p.b.u.h.

With Takbirs and salawah, the quiet walk started from the town square led by Director of the School of the Holy Qur’an hfz. Irfan ef. Malic.

After the protest walk, the gathering was addressed by hfz. Irfan ef. Malic, who spoke about the great qualities of the Prophet along with his many hadiths and sayings, and by the looks of it gladdened the hearts of those present, on whose faces tears could be seen.

“May peace and blessings be upon you Ya Rasulallah. On the Day of Judgment each Prophet will pray for themselves, but you will pray, “O Lord, I do not pray for himself or for my daughter Fatima, but I pray for my ummah, my ummah”. From every Muslim Bosniak here and from Sandzak as a whole, receive our salam, Ya Rasul Allah. ”

Hafiz Irfan Malic commented on the cartoonist.

“They cannot hurt you because you’re high above it all and do not pay attention to the measly barking of dogs. And as much as their intentions were bad and heinous, they have only made the world and Muslims mention you more and bring blessings and peace upon you. We in Novi Pazar we will respond to these insults through perseverance and following the Sunnah. We are against any terrorism, “said Hafiz Malic.

The publication of the cartoons depicts the face of modern civilization.

“What they did speaks about them, it says that civilization is in a religious crisis”; said Hafiz.

“Peace to you, Ya Rasulullah from people who for the last 20 years have been raising educational institutions and turning people to the right direction. For this we feel obliged as it is our duty to come here today and show the world that we would give our lives for you Ya Rasulullah! This youth in Novi Pazar is a healthy youth, they are not terrorists! “- said Hafiz Malic.


The protest was completed without any incidents, with the last blessings, the believers parted ways.



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