31. Maj 2015


Prijepolje – The greeting “Assalamu alaykum” proposed to a police officer in Prijepolje, was the reason lawyer Sabahudin Hajdarević was brought to court.


The trial began at eight this morning and lasted an hour and 40 minutes. Hajdarević arrived in court with the support of fellow townsmen, led by Samir Tandir, Deputy Chairman of BDZ Sandzak who claims it to be a rigged political trial.

Lawyer Hajdarevic requested a replacement of prosecutor Marica Koldzic, claiming she was the prodigy of Boris Tadic. While waiting for a decision concerning the request, lawyer Hajdarević, a human rights activist, says that if the right of language is taken away from Bosniaks it is as if they are deprived of the right to live.

The townsmen agree that, in the case of the plaintiff not being replaced and the process continuing, they will come out onto main road towards Podgorica (most likely in protest). Support was offered to lawyer Hajdarevic by representatives of the LDP party in Prijepolje. Sandzak TV was denied presence during the trial, although its representatives have proper documentation. The prosecutor announced that until the completion of the process she will not make any statements.


Otherwise, the Court in Prijepolje is without a bilingual board, with only the flag of Serbia exposed.


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