PRETRES talkshow: How Islamophobia problem reflects on Sandzak



Sandžak – Every Monday at 8 p.m. on Sandzak Television viewers have a chance to watch the show “Pretres”(Shakedown). Last night’s guests were Dr. Enver ef. Gicić, FIS dean, Samir Sabanija, analyst and Amela Bajrović, a renowned journalist. They spoke on the topic of Islamophobia: actual or projected problem?

The analyst Samir Sabanija spoke about the controversial cartoons in the daily newspaper “Blic”, to which he has sent an open letter, although he received no reply. “This is one chronology which certainly has not begun just yesterday. This is the chronology that we have seen in previous times when other controversial caricatures were published in the daily “Blic”. We thought as citizens, as Bosniaks and as Muslims that it wouldn’t happen again, that someone would stop, the state or the editorial, that individuals would distance themselves from such  vulgar, primitive and low methodss of presenting the untruth. Thus, we all hurt, and I’m afraid that this is a question of an epidemic spreading so fast that it is a media war, “says Samir Sabanija.

Dean of Islamic Studies College (FIS), Enver Gicić, commented on journalistic qualifications of Islamic terrorism, while saying that Islam represents peace while terrorism represents violence, therefore those two words in any way, shape or form cannot go with one another. “Only those who are adherents of Islam are called terrorists. We witnessed a few years ago that a man killed several people who were on an excursion and he was not dubbed a terrorist, they said that he was an ill man, who has mental problems, and was not by any means called or referred to as a terrorist, while someone who is a believer of Islam is called a automatically considered a terrorist, ” said Dr. Gicic.

Journalist Amela Bajrović embarked on the offensive graffiti in Priboj from a few days ago. “Actually no media other than agency SANA published the news concerning Priboj. Unfortunately, we have witnessed that even today, after so many years there are some young people who, it seems, in this way induce various provocations and negative feelings of individuals. I think the problem in all of this is that not only Priboj, but most of the towns in Sandzak, except Novi Pazar, don’t have news media correspondents, so most of the stories don’t even make it to Belgrade media, which is a great pity. I’m not certain that they would have perhaps been accepted by Belgrade media, but it is on us as journalists to fight to transmit and distribute as much news from this region as possible, ” said journalist Bajrović.


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