10. Juli 2015
The arbitration committee has finally finished the territorial division of boundaries between the municipalities of Berane and Petnjica. Disputed points on the stretch from Stjenice to Paljuha, which delayed the process, went to the municipality of Berane.
The Mayor of Petnjica, Samir Agović, confirmed for Dnevne Novine daily that the Arbitration Commission completed its work with regard to the territorial delimitation of municipalities, and that there’s finally a boundary line between Berane and the recently formed municipality of Petnjica.

“Although the municipal committees completed almost 90 percent of the demarcation work, arbitration was necessary because there were several contentious issues in the area from Stjenice to Paljuha, where every committee had a different stand. We insisted on registering a portion of plots located in the cadastral municipality of Polica in the cadastral municipality of Petnjica because owners of these properties have land on both sides of the Ljesnica river”, said Agović, dissatisfied with the decision of the Arbitration Commission.

Petnjica municipality insisted that the regional road from Stjenice to Duljkova stanica be merged to its cadastral municipality for practical reasons, bearing in mind the development plans of Petnjica municipality which in the future wants to expand and maintain this road.

Izvor: cdm.me

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