Muslim assets in Serbia threatened



Sandzak, Serbia – The Islamic Community in Serbia with indignation rejects and strongly condemns the repeated media attacks on the Islamic community and its assets from the political oligarchy of Rasim Ljajic in Novi Pazar under the pretext of illegal construction.

Serbian Minister Ljajic, what gives you the right to call out the Islamic Community for illegal construction when your government in Novi Pazar has never issued a building permit for the construction of mosques or any other religious buildings, in spite of the always properly submitted applications.

It is clear that this is an attack out of  hysteria for your failed attempts of enslavement of the Islamic community, especially after the handful of bribed imams, led by your private imam Makic, from whose home your cameras illegally captured footage of the facilities in Rajčinoviće, proved unsuccessful in the attempt to take over the Islamic Community with the so-called “Initiative”.

You are mistaken if you think the people are unaware of your sizable bribes to Novi Pazar business men in order to provide money for the purchase and further finance of the Regional TV, your last bastion of maintaining power through spreading lies, immorality and other evils.

Serbian Minister Ljajic, finally forsake the Islamic community and the Waqf assets, otherwise we will be forced to repeatedly and continuously publish detailed statements about your personal, family and political-oligarchic criminal activities.

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