Mufti Zukorlic: ‘Western media must apologize for linking Islam with terrorism’


Novi Pazar – During the two-hour interview with Sandzak Mufti Muamer ef. Zukorlic for Sandzak Television, he spoke about the actualized issue of terrorism in the world. Mufti particularly condemned the use of the term “Islamic terrorism”, saying that an apology from Western media is required for their constant linking of Islam with terrorism.

“The talk about terrorism, especially of the so-called” Islamic terrorism “is the kind of talk that irritates me. I was recently at a conference in Vienna and I told my colleagues, most of them being muftis of the Balkans, there were some Germans, representatives of the authorities. I spoke in a way that many people did not like. ”

“I said: ‘Now we are being trained, Muslims, on the micro and macro level, to always justify our actions to everyone. Hear me out, various factors are conflicting the Middle East, oil, influence and rule. A small portion of educated people understand these issues at all, let alone the masses. And then things are labeled as “Islamic state”, “Islamic terrorism” … ‘Ulama (Islamic scholars) in fear for Muslims, politicians, various social impacts of the Muslims, at every conference exclaim: ‘We condemn terrorism!’ Well I say, ‘I do not condemn terrorism, It does not concern me! Why should I have to condemn terrorism?! I request an apology from Western media for linking Islam and terrorism. It is unacceptable! ‘”

“They divide my Islamic community, and then they ask me: ‘Why do people go to war in Syria?’ You have made this mess and now it’s unknown who is educating who nor who is teaching faith to whom! If you wish to have ruins, well, various weeds grow between those ruins, said Mufti Zukorlic, among other things.



SANA Agency

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