Mufti Zukorlic thoroughly explains Bosniak-Serbian dialogue issues, Sandzak, and IC to all of Serbia



Sandzak, Serbia – Sandzak Mufti Muamer ef. Zukorlic was a guest on the show “Pravac” which is broadcasted on TV Pink. In the show they discussed the relations between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Serbia’s relation to the Islamic community and  the Bosniak-Serbian dialogue.

Commenting on the statement of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who warned of the dangers of an outbreak of armed conflicts in the Balkans, Mufti Zukorlic does not see a chance of this happening if Balkan leaders work on reconciliation and dialogue.

“Drawing on the experience of the Balkans over the centuries, it is clear that the Balkans with all their variety and richness is a place which provokes conflict whenever someone who is the least bit influential in the world needs be. In order to avoid a new conflict in the Balkans, political, intellectual and religious leaders must agree on the principles of value and that it is the basis, the foundation on which we ought to build a final reconciliation “

There musn’t be efforts to establish yet, at the same time, demolish dialogue between Bosniaks and Serbs

Mufija Zukorlic believes it is very naive to expect that Vucic alone can restore the overall reconciliation while at the same time some other factors tear down the progress that has been made and create tensions between Serbian and Bosniak people.

“As the Premier is taking real steps towards reconciliation, Bishop Irinej Bulovic’s announcement insults leaders of the Islamic community calling them paratroopers while holding a monopoly over  the Islamic religious education in Serbia. On the other hand we have the Serbian Academy of Science and Art (SANU) that persistently works on the negation of the Bosnian language. This is why I say that it is important to achieve consensus on the value of principle”, Mufti Zukorlic clearly stated.

Schizophrenic policy towards Sandzak

Asked by journalists to comment on the current controversial statement by Sulejman Ugljanin, in which a few days ago he called on young people from Sandzak to form a new country, Mufti Zukorlić says:

“Ugljanin made that same declaration at the city stadium in Novi Pazar in 1993, that same Ugljanin was of good assistance to the country when, in 2007, he destroyed the legal and legitimate Islamic Community and instead formed the Serbian Islamic community, back then Ugljanin was suitable and of good use to Serbia. So, it is a schizophrenic policy on both sides. Ugljanin cut a deal with Kostunica ensuring that Bosniaks wouldn’t vote for the independence of Montenegro. We see now that Ugljanin is bothered by those who stand up against Milo Djukovic, even though he was against the very same Djukanovic when he was forming the independence of Montenegro.

Mufti Zukorlic called for cooperation through a fair and correct relationship. Through a relationship in which we will not deny each other’s identity, a relationship that will not be poltroon based but rather a partnership, only by means of this kind of a relationship will  we result in the progressive advancement of our entire society.

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