Mufti Zukorlić – Situation in Sandzak better, but region still ruled by criminals


Sandzak, Serbia – The situation in Sandzak, ever since Aleksandar Vucic became Prime Minister, has been a lot more relaxed seeing as how SWAT teams are no longer strolling through the streets as was the case during the reign of Boris Tadic, Zukorlic said in an interview for “Alo”.

Sandzak Mufti Muamer Zukorlic said he was pleasantly surprised that the Serbian nation and Serbian government accepted refugees from the Middle East. “This is drastically different from the way other countries have behaved towards the refugees, they have all ,in my opinion, failed that exam. Given the kind of problems Muslims are facing across the world this has come, to some extent, as salvage to our wounds, “said Mufti.

Unfortunately, Sandzak is still left to the criminals, who have the main say. This government has inherited much misdoing from the previous one, and when I say this I mean, before anyone else, the people from Belgrade who manage Sandzak, “said Mufti Zukorlić. Zukorlić does not hide that he alludes to Minister Rasim Ljajic, and states that his way of “managing ” Sandzak  is unacceptable, and that he cannot accept the thought that “communism is over,” and that everything being privatized in Sandzak ends up in the hands of his associates.

You are building the largest mosque in Europe? Who is financing this and is it true that, as they say, hefty amounts of money lie on your bank account each day?

“The money is being sent from the Muslim diaspora and from our country, the amounts paid by organizations from Turkey and the Arab world are insignificant because by donating the money they were, in return, imposing conditions on us, and that is something we will not stand for. It is no secret that a lot of money has been gathered, in Frankfurt alone during the charity dinner that I had organized we raised 636,000 euros, but the project costs a couple million, since it will not only be a mosque, but within it there will a cultural and educational center.”

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