3. Mart 2015

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Sandžak – In a packed hall of the House of Culture in Prijepolje, starting at 2 p.m., the commemorative Academy “Štrpci bez mezara” (Strpci without graves) was held, marking the 22nd anniversary of the suffering of 18 Bosniaks and one Croat on the Strpci station in 1993.

The first in a series of speakers to address the public was commemorative Academy’s host, Samir Tandir. Mr. Tandir at the beginning thanked the guests present. What makes this year special is that in December of 2014, 15 members and perpetrators of the crime were arrested. “We ask the authorities that the square in front of the Culture Square bears the name of those kidnapped in Štrpci”, stressed Tandir, among other things.

“This is nor the time or place to speak much of. Any words of mine need not undermine the serenity of silence, “said Mario Barfus, Representative of the OSCE.

The president of the LDP began his speech by saying: “Assalamu alaikum”. “For years, I have gathered here with you thus preserving not only the memory of the victims of one’s madness, but that above all not to ever allow something like that to happen again,” said Cedomir Jovanovic.

“The criminals will end up with judgments like many before them, but it is not satisfaction enough for the victims and families, so say ‘We have done everything’,” concluded Jovanovic.

All those present were also addressed by Sandzak Mufti, Muamer ef. Zukorlic.

“In recent years, almost every year on July 11th I’m in Srebrenica, and on the 27th of February I’m in Prijepolje. I often ask myself how much longer I can endure this, because every speech requires an encore of previously spilled emotions, “said Sandzak Mufti, Muamer ef. Zukorlic.

“I’ve been watching how people treat casualties. Some have given up and completely surrendered, others completely surrendered to emotion and went lament. I also saw a third kind, those who decided to take revenge and so become their own executioners. Looking into my faith and tradition, I realize that all three ways are incorrect, “said Mufti.

“Islam teaches us that we will be facing the past only as much as it is needed for the future, meaning, learn from the past but do not dwell aimlessly,” said Mufti Zukorlić.

“For the desire and prayer that it never happens again to come true, something must be done about those who committed the crime. That is why we are calling on the government to fulfill the obligation of the state to the victims, to their families, according to the crime. Although we have experienced a surge of 10 genocides we still have the strength to look to the future. “, stated Mufti.

“Tragedy is the primary driver of the biggest acts in human history, and you know why? Because tragedy holds a painful truth. I am convinced that Bosniaks have a bright future, because we have not failed the test of hatred. Despite everything that has happened to us we still haven’t let it infect the disease of hatred into our hearts. That is why I am proud of my people, “concluded Mufti.

After the commemorative Academy in front of the cultural center in Prijepolje, columns that marched in  silence lead the way to the commemorative features in Šarampov.

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