Message from Montenegro: Islam promotes peace


Sandzak, Montenegro – Montenegrin media should make the difference between terrorists and religion known, announced speakers at the press conference organized by the Bosniak Democratic Union in Montenegro, in reply of the attack on the French newspaper “Charlie Hebdo” and the Montenegrin media writing about this terrorist act. Social Democratic Party Parliament member Džavid Šabović said that he stongly condemns the killing of the French journalists, but that it has nothing to do with Islam, and that in Islamic hadiths killing innocent people is not justified. “Islam does not propagate it, it strictly prohibits killing innocent people” said Šabović.

Hodzic said that among Muslims there are not those who aren’t offended by the publishing of caricatures of Muhammad, peace be upon him.

“We cannot and will not settle for insults. Our religious values are our way of life, and any desecration of them is a direct attack on us, and therefore we warn that there is no playing around with these values as it dalliances with our survival,” he said.

He said that it is unacceptable to attack a man whom the whole world and nations praised and that this is clear evidence of hatred and desire for schism.

“The tendency of this journal and certain media is for Muslims and all people to reject universal values of promoting good, which is taught by Muhammed and to accept Charlie’s values of intolerance, insults, vulgarity and spreading hatred,” said Hodzic.

Then he added: “In many cases we can see that there is a limit when it comes to freedom of speech. Also, as a reminder, one of the definitions of freedom of speech is: “Freedom of speech allows anyone to feel free to express their thoughts and reflections, provided that such thoughts do not offend others and those who are different! ‘”

Hodzic believes that in future legislative reforms in Montenegro it should incorporated that all those who encourage the spread of Islamophobia be prosecuted criminally.

After the press conference Hodzic donated the book “Tolstoy about Muhammad (pbuh)” and the translation of the Qur’an to Jovovic. Hodzic presented Qur’ans to the media representatives as well.



SANA Agency

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