21. Septembar 2014

Sandzak – “Seeking one’s fortune” a proverb said centuries ago by our ancestors for those who abandon their families, their homeland, seeking nafaka (fortune) somewhere in a distant unknown country.

Sometimes families were so outnumbered they didn’t have the means to feed each member with one worker’s salary, so when the children would reach adulthood they would immediately head out in search for any chance of finding a way to feed their families.

Many found what they were looking for, but in return forever longed after their loved ones, their country, their fatherland.

We researched where our countrymen, neighbors and relatives travel to… We found that most of them live in Germany, Switzerland, America, France and Austria as well as many other European countries.

The reason for emigration is of financial character. Here they cannot afford to provide for themselves, their families or basic living conditions, because there are less job opportunities and the living necessities are more expensive.

We asked the President of the Association of Returnees “Reintegration” what he thought of emigration abroad. He said, among other things, “If there are no jobs here, it should be sought out where they are”. Through his association more than a thousand sandzaklians work abroad during the season.

“As it has been said, whether by our sponsorer, dijasporac  or stranger:,, We are like roses that bloom, but do not smell. Wherever we show up, we’re on our own. “

,, One of the reasons why we strive to go back is despite the fact that we miss our family, there is a spiritual hunger we have for our homeland. “

However, there are those who are happy with the direction they are going. They gather, visit, socialize and say they are “preserving their traditions”.

,, Here we hang out, we visit, we get educated. We keep our tradition. “

Living in a foreign country is like floating in the empty space above earth without a safety net, which a man’s own country provides for him, where he has a family, colleagues and friends, where they can easily communicate with each other in a language he’s known since childhood.


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