Mafia families of Sandzak



Sjenica – Sjenica, a city where, in the past couple of years, criminal thrives regardless of the season.

In this story, the main culprits are the Graca brothers. Elder brother Ismet Graca, better known as “Narko Hodza” (druggie efendi) and younger brother Asmir Graca, who is, by all accounts, following in his brothers footsteps. It is a well-known affair that in 2009 Ismet Graca, then only 21, was arrested in a police raid in Sarajevo for the criminal offense of organized crime and drug smuggling. Ismet was serving as an imam in the village Sugubine near Sjenica under the auspices of Adem Zilkić’s parallel religious formation. In addition to efendi Ismet Grace, according to the police report, another five people were arrested, and during their arrest police seized 2.5 kilograms of heroin, 100 grams of aids, 10 grams of cocaine, 200 grams of marijuana and 51 doses of ecstasy. The market value of the drugs seized was 250,000 KM, which is roughly about 135 000 euros.

He then served a year and a day behind bars. Ismet, as Kurir newpaper has learned, was expelled from high school medresa “Gazi Isa-beg” in Novi Pazar, in the second year of schooling, for contempt of the laws of Islam. It was later that Kurir learned Ismet graduated a medresa somewhere in Bosnia.

“However, we were all greatly surprised when we saw him in October 2007 in the towns square in Novi Pazar, sitting in the first row with the ahmedija on his head, accompanied by Adem Zilkić when he came from Belgrade,” said a source close to Novi Pazar for Kurir.

Ismet Graca was arrested in late 2013, but then on the suspicion that he tried to arrange the murder of Samir Kozic, brother of wounded Muriz who Ismet had shot at previously. “Graca came to the police Sunday evening with his father and surrendered himself. He said that he came to vote, saw Kozic by chance in front of the school and saw that he was about to attack him. Apparently, in fear he drew a pistol and shot, “says an anonymous source for Kurir.

Almost a year passed without the Graca name being mentioned in the news section of the black chronicles, but earlier this year internet portals again flooded with titles barring their name, only this time starring younger brother, Asmir Graca. On Sunday evening, the 11th of January in front of club “Vanilla” in Sjenica a brutal murder took place where 32 year old Mehmed Meda Avdibašić was killed by two stab wounds in the back by Asmir Graca who was 12 years younger than him. Asmir then fled to a village in the Pester, but the police soon found and arrested him. In fact, that night, there was a scuffle between young Graca and Avdibašić in which Asmir pulled out a knife and stabbed the unfortunate young man in the back. He was soon transferred to the Sjenica hospital, and then sent to Novi Pazar, but died during the trip. Asmir was already known to the police for petty offenses, and on Facebook he had great support from his friends saying that Graca only committed the crime because Avdibasic deserved it.

The citizens of Sjenica live in fear. Will anyone put an end to the evergrowing crimes of the Graca brothers?

Sadly, this is just one example of the many mafia families terrorizing Sandzak.

SANA Agency

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