Kujevic: Our Hijrah is to stay in Sandzak – our homeland



Sandzak – During the Days of the Bosniak flag, on Tuesday evening in the packed hall of the cultural center in Rožaje, organized by the Mufti of Sandzak, Bosniak Cultural Community and the Muslim Youth Club a lecture was prepared on the inspiring theme of “Stay here”, the lecture was given by famous ulama hafiz Abdurahman ef. Kujevic who is well known across both the Sandzak and European region.

In his speech Kujević, among other things, said that he chose the theme of this conference to address to us as his people the very rampant topic of emigration, and “I like all of you could not silently watch what was happening to us especially with the knowledge that I have gained – that being religious knowledge which obliges me to speak the truth and explain to people how to behave in accordance with the principles of our faith, at all times and situations.”- said Kujević.

During this migration a tearful mother and sister ask me “why is no one speaking up, why is no one coming forward with some declaration, I do not know what to do, my children are pressuring me to go even if I do not wish to do so”, however, due to various factors and the search for a better life this family left Rozaje. A very important reason that affects our state is the wrong way of life of society and politics and politicians and the people who lead the masses, stated hafiz Kujevic.

During the end of the lecture hafiz Kujević denied the often narrated phrase that “this is not our country” and said that this is indeed our country because we are created from it and we were born here and that no one has more right to live in this area than we do.. We need to achieve our rights right here where we were born and our Hijrah  (migration) is staying in Sandzak and the countries it covers, said hafiz Abdurahman ef. Kujević.




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