International University and its staff among the best in Serbia


slika3Serbia – NGO iSerbia together with a team of sociologists, which was managed by Mr. Ana Ranitović and spec. Milos Jovanovic conducted research on a sample of 5169 respondents in order to determine the quality of the higher education system in Serbia as seen through the eyes of students.

The respondents are active students at all levels of study from the state and private universities across Serbia, as well as those who have completed college in the last two years. Respondents were selected by random sample in the field, according to the predetermined number and characteristics of subjects at university.

The results showed that the International University of Novi Pazar, with its infrastructural and human resources among the leading universities in Serbia.

The International University is at a high sixth place in the competition of 76 faculties when it comes to infrastructure (quality facades and interiors, accommodations, guest hygiene, location, faculty, internet and computer capacities, etc.). It should be noted that the only front runners are universities in Belgrade, while behind the International University stand countless colleges from across Serbia (University of Kragujevac, University of Nis, and many others).

An important accomplishment that the International University can boast about is that it has the best assistant in Serbia for the 2013/2104 year, Dr. Muzafer Saračević from the Departments of Natural Technical Sciences. He was pointed out the most influential assistant. Students say that he is an assistant who is dedicated to his job, which encourages work, and inspires by setting an example!

On list of twenty professors from the faculties in Serbia who have the most positive influence on their students, is also Dr. Danijela Milosevic from the International University of Novi Pazar – Natural and Technical Sciences department, she belongs to a group of professors who run the operation and critical thinking, encourage creative ideas and arouse curiosity, to put it simply – inspire!



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