Frequent Serbian conversions to Islam



Austria, Serbia – We are witnessing more frequent acceptances of Islam by members of Serbian nationality.  Just yesterday the media reported three conversions to Islam.

Serbian woman Brenda Zaric from Negotina accepts Islam

In the congregation GzHb in Vienna on November 4, 2014,  an indigenous 22 year old Serbian woman Brenda Zaric from Bor, near Negotin, accepted Islam as her new faith.

Her first words of the Shahadah, without any coercion, were spoken in front hfz. Adil ef. Makic, his hajji hanuma (wife) and several worshipers of the GzHb in Vienna.

Most of the credit for Brenda’s conversion to Islam belongs to her brother Emir, who in the pictures is sitting in a wheelchair.

Our new sister in Islam has chosen to be of the day from when she accepted Islam called Aisha, modeled on the mother of believers and faithful wife of the last Messenger of Allah, Muhammed, p.b.h.u.


Serbian football player Djordje embraces Islam

Serbian defensive football player Djordje Đikanović who plays in the Saudi club Hejira has accepted Islam.

Djordje pointed out how he likes the ban on alcohol and drugs in Islam, as well as encouraging the good and the preservation of family ties. Among other things he said he was happy for his conversion to Islam, and he has a great desire to stay and live in Saudi Arabia.


Vienna: Serbian woman Tanja converts to Islam


The conversion to Islam by Serbian Tanja-Ajla Rahmanović was announced publicly in front of all those present at the congregation Gazi Husrev Beg in Vienna.

Ajla is a native of Brcko and from her second year she lived with her parents in Austria, until she recently married Eldar Rahmanović a native of Striving, who was also the biggest reason that she accept Islam as her faith. Ajla’s shahadah was spoken in front of Ishak ef. Ahmed, a graduate of Islamic Studies in Medina.

“Indeed, [O Muhammed], you do not guide whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills. And He is most knowing of the [rightly] guided. “(Qasas, 56)


SANA Agency

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