16. Septembar 2014

Northern Sandzak – Sandzak PRESS has exclusively learned that negotiations are underway towardsunified Islamic community between representatives of SDA (Party of Democratic Action) Sandzak, led by Sulejman Ugljanin and the Islamic community, led by President Dudic and Mufti Zukorlic.

The Islamic community has set four conditions for the normalization of relations between the Islamic community and SDA Sandzak. Sandzak PRESS brings you the unofficial conditions of reconciliation:

  1. Sulejman Ugljanin must publicly declare his support of the Islamic community, led by president Mufti Mevuld effendi Dudic with the spiritual center in Sarajevo;
  2. Sulejman Ugljanin must publicly ask Adem Zilkic to give up the title of “reisulema of the Islamic community in Serbia with the administrative center in Belgrade”;
  3. Sulejman Ugljanin must publicly invite back all the imams who left the Islamic community to return without any consequences ;
  4. Sulejman Ugljanin must publicly invite all his officials and activists to withhold support of the parallel “Islamic community” and support the sole Islamic community whose administrative center is in Novi Pazar.

It is noticeable that SDA Sandzak is giving signals of distancing themselves from Adem Zilkic at what Zilkic reacted violently, threatening the SDA party with the founding of another party. Also there is speculation that after the fulfillment of these four conditions SDA Sandzak and BDZ (Bosniak Democratic Community) Sandzak will form a joint unified league or coalition before or after the upcoming elections for the BNF (Bosniak National Foundation) and local elections that are before us. Sources close to SDA Sandzak say that their condition would be for Dr. Suljeman Ugljanin to lead the coalition in the upcoming elections. It is not known when the deadline for the fulfillment of these conditions is or what stage their implementation is at.


SANA Agency

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