24. Februar 2015

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Saudi Arabia, Sandzak – In parallel with the conference on ‘Islam and the fight against terrorism’ in Mecca a session of the Supreme Council of the Muslim World League – RABITA was held.

This body consists of 35 prominent ulema of the world, and the Muslims of the Balkans were represented by Dr. Mustafa ef. Ceric and Mufti Muamer ef. Zukorlic.

At its regular session of the highest legislative and administrative authority, RABITA considered a number of issues of importance to Islam and Muslims in the world. In the annual report on the chapter of Muslim issues the state of religious and other rights of Bosniaks in Sandzak was discussed and a conclusion was adopted in which the positive initiatives of the Government of the Republic of Serbia towards Sandzak was welcomed with the expectation that the government will soon address the accumulated problems, especially restoring the unity of the Islamic community .

Dr. Mustafa Ceric throughout the discussion, among others things, spoke about the importance of RABITA for Muslims especially at this time expecting that the League will have an even stronger effect on connecting Muslim communities.

During the session, Mufti Zukorlić repeatedly discussed and thanked the Supreme Council RABITA for its interest in the situation in Sandžak and suggested that RABITA initiate wider action to support Muslim scientific educational and media institutions and organizations, as well as key stakeholders to combat Islamophobia and terrorism charges on the accounts of Islam and Muslims in particular in Europe.

The Council, during the session, adopted a decision on establishment of the Centre for Inter-Civilization Cooperation and the International Centre for the care of orphans. At the session the balance sheet for the previous year was adopted along with a financial plan for the current year.

As we found out, on the margin of the session of the Supreme Council, Sandzak Mufti met with the Secretary General Abdullah bin Need Abdulmuhsin El Turki and Director of the Islamic Development Bank, Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Ali and discussed the promotion of cooperation between the Islamic Community and the two most important institutions for Muslims in the world.


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