Dreadful healthcare conditions in Sandzak


Novi Pazar – Metko Ademović, grandfather of the baby who died in a shocking accident when the Army of Serbia helicopter carrying it crashed close to Surčin, says for The Informer that his heart stopped when he heard about the tragedy that struck and argues that it is not true that his grandson was fed cow’s milk.

“It is not true that we fed the newborn cow’s milk, its pure fiction. The baby was in the hospital for three days in Novi Pazar, where none of the doctors so much as glanced at it. Our daughter-in-law called us and told us that the nurses don’t help her and that the baby wouldn’t breastfeed. That is why she opted to be let home early on her own behalf and responsibility” says Metko Ademović.

Negligence from the doctors

His wife Fikreta Ademović said that the child was seriously ill when his mother left the hospital.

“My daughter-in-law told me that she did not have the support of the doctors and nurses from the gynecology department. None of them wanted to help. She pleaded to women with whom she shared a room to feed her newborn with their milk, but they refused. Even the doctors from the gynecology department told her that the child was well. When they came home, I immediately noticed that the baby was silent and did not look healthy” she says, adding that some doctors in Novi Pazar are trying to hide their guilt.

My soul aches because of this tragedy

Fikreta says that her grandson didn’t want to eat at the house either, he also didn’t have any bowel movements or urinate at all. That’s why two days later they took him back to the hospital.

“The doctors from the children’s department restored him back to life, because he was half dead. Had I known it would come to this, I would have taken my daughter-in-law and the baby immediately after birth and looked after them at home. I’m so sadden by this this tragedy, my soul aches”, Fikreta states and adds that she owes eternal gratitude to the country of Serbia, the Army, the doctors in Belgrade and the government.

The mother of the newborn boy, FA (16) who was only five days old when he was killed in the helicopter crash in Belgrade refused to speak to the media.

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