“For Bosniaks, Sandzak and Mufti” is authentic and has had tremendous results


Zukorlić: Da sam Srbin već bih bio proglašen za svecaSandzak – Sandzak Mufti Muamer Zukorlic expressed concern that due to the great disappointment of Bosniaks in Serbia turnout for the elections of the National Council and the minority community on Sunday, October 26, could be very small.

Therefore, he says, it would be adequate for the state government and the Prime Minister to step in and call as many Bosniaks to the polls as possible, Tanjug quoted.

They should, he thinks, prove to Bosniaks that the current government in Serbia is not the same one that’s been ruling for the last three-four years.

“They should tell them that they want for Bosniaks to have their own council, not a Serbian one. It is, otherwise, the conceptual difference between me and some politicians in Sandzak,” said Zukorlic for television Happy TV.

He repeated that he emphasizes partnership with the state, and that, as he said, they (the Bosniak politicians) agree to a weak relationship with the state.

He recalled that the Bosniaks now have two parties running in the elections for the Bosniak National Council – one “For Bosniaks, Sandzak and Mufti” is loyal to him and the other “Bosniak national unity – Dr. Sulejman Ugljanin”.

“It is clear that citizens will be in a position to choose between two options. One is authentic and comes from the overall national Bosniak religious movement that is based on the results of the huge educational system from kindergarten to universities and academies. A second option is Ugljanin which has controlled the national question for 25 years and who has participated in obstructing the formation of the Council four years ago, “says Mufti Zukorlic.

I hope that citizens will do the right thing, said the Mufti, adding that supporting party number one would be a step in eliminating the injustice that was done four years ago to Bosniaks.

Zukorlic thinks that this is the chance the first party has to win and, he said, has been given the opportunity, through the official body recognized by the State to exercise their right to language, culture and education. Tanjug broadcasted.



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