BDZ Party opens its doors to young ambitious experts



Sandžak – “As the public has been informed, BDZ Sandzak, precisely the executive board within it, has announced an competition for bosses, or holders of the largest function within the departments of the executive board. That this is not a marketing move or trick, is best illustrated by the very detailed conditions of the competition.

Therefore, the competition is open to all those interested members of BDZ Sandzak, who feel that they have the capacity to make contributions when it comes to any area that is covered by some of the departments. This is something truly innovative to the Serbian political scene, so to speak, let alone on the political scene of Sandzak. I think this is a good way to expand the party, especially when it comes to quality personnel who can and know how to contribute even if, they’re often known to inch away or distance themselves from politics in general.

It is now that I invite all young people, ambitious people, of course, this does not exclude older ones, however, when I say young and ambitious, those who have not had the opportunity to engage in something like this from a higher position and to contribute to solving accumulated problems. This is somewhat of the basic message of the competition, and the basic idea of the competition.”

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