Babies dying in Novi Pazar due to negligence from gynecology department?


Novi Pazar – Despite criticism, the hospital is still operating. Residents of Novi Pazar have no other place for treatment, especially those in poor financial situations. The case of the Hazirovic couple, where doctors mistakenly lost the baby in the seventh month of pregnancy, and with it the chance of ever being able to expand their family stirred the spirits of many people. The health inspection report clearly states that doctors Ajsa Hajrović and Muamer Skrijelj are responsible.

The Facebook page called “Support Lidia and Almin Hazirović” states the following:

“Dr. Mirsad Djerlek and Dr. Ajsa Hajrović are in all ways trying to deny the truth, not recognizing the results of their actions and instead forming a commission to do as they wish. Who is protecting, violating, blackmailing, and returning favors to who here?

It is important that the Ministry of Health determined the failure made and lodged a complaint to the prosecutor.

“The mistake doctors and their unconscious behaviour made extinguished a life that had yet taken hold”, says Almin Hazirović. He adds that the head of the hospital Dr. Mirsad Djerlek announced that per decision taken by the Ministry of Health the doctors are responsible for ensuing appropriate sanctions.

Although nothing concrete can be said, except that he is happy Mrs. Lidia Hazirović is still alive, the accused Muamer Skrijelj told us in a phone statement.  

This case, for many, meant a trip down memory lane, waking up bad memories and experiences all acquired in the gynecology department. We tried to interview many mothers, but most of them would not appear on camera. Those who decided to, were furious.

The Hazirović case has no final epilogue. Everyone is hoping, and how could they not, for no other places for treatment exist, that the authorities finally implement refroms. With widely open eyes, we shall follow developments within this case.



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