16. April 2015

Novi Pazar – What makes the administration of the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Novi Pazar, and the wider community proud is the fact that the Faculty has indeed exceptional, exemplary students who are the result of a carefully selected staff and tireless work ethic individually with each student.

As a product of the effort put in at this higher education institution, it is with pride that they present their 15 hafizes (huffaz), professors and students included. Precisely, this was the reason behind organizing the Evening of Qur’an, which was held at the Faculty of Islamic Studies on the 15th of April.

This mini-manifestation was attended by distinguished Meshihat President, Mufti Dr. Mevlud ef. Dudic. He briefly addressed the audience, commending the staff of the Faculty, the hard-working students and administration. President Dudic emphasized that he’s especially proud that the event was organized right in the building, the place where the Mosque of Isa Beg Ishakovic stood and now is the building of Islamic institutions. “This is where Qur’an was recited and where it is meant to be recited”, he stated.

On this occasion, president Mufti Dr. Dudic also reminded himself and all of us of the man who loved the Qur’an and was a part of this team, but is no longer with us, saying du’a for the late professor Dr. Mehmed Mesic.

We are enjoying reaping the fruits of our labor and with even greater enthusiasm and desire we continue onward, we thank our students for their trust and perseverance and we will keep trying to meet up to their expectations in future endeavors.


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